...a newbie's guide to writing and self-publishing a book.

Want to Learn How to Self-publish?

Self-publishing is a complicated animal. There are lots of things you just must do--or so you tell yourself.

You have to write what people want, package it in an irresistible way, and put it in front of readers.

But here's the thing: it's not that simple.

I mean, you can take a long, hard look at self-publishing and try to chunk it up into smaller tasks, but those smaller tasks also have a helluva lot of tasks under its umbrella.

Consider this...

  • Have you ever wanted to write a book but didn't know where to start? Complication, bingo!
  • Do you jump in front of the keyboard at a sudden strike of inspiration (this book must be shipped in two days, you tell yourself)... to later find that your well of flow dried moments later? Same complication, check!
  • Does self-publishing even scare you? This is the biggest obstacle. It paralyzes by your analysis. Why? That same complicated ass called self-publishing, check!

          You're not alone, my friend. It's happened to a lot of writers.

          But the sad thing is: it still happened to most self-publishing writers.

          Here at Write With Abraham, you not only gain your confidence again, I'll teach you how to avoid the complications.

          Here's what you'll get...

          • Conceiving ideas that sell, where to get them, and how.

            Do you know that your book's failure or success begins with the idea? Some ideas are downright obscure and nobody's interested in them. Others are hits, even if the writer did a crappy job.

            While you may ask what kinds of ideas are those that sell, it's all out there for you to find. Here, I'll teach you how to find those ideas and balance writing for its audience and your passion, so that you don't end up writing what you hate or suck at.
          • What to do before writing your book.

            Do you know that some writers just go from an idea to writing their first draft? We call them pantsers--because they write by the seats of their pants, letting their instinct direct them.

            And yes, majority of them back out in frustration or emerge with a crappy book. You'll learn how to avoid that even if you're an chronic pantser.
          • The editing strategy and technique that'll make your book 100% powerful.

            Bad prose will definitely ground your book and attract angry, 1-star reviews. It gets worse when English isn't your first language.

            The stigma on writers who learn how to read and write English as a second, or even third, language is depressing. Just an email from a biased, angry native writer could make you quit writing.

            But what if I can teach you the strategy that would make your prose more powerful and concise, lower your editing costs, and boost your writing?
          • Handling the technicals of a book.

            I'll teach you how to design (and outsource) professional book covers without breaking the bank, how to format your print and eBooks, plus formatting covers for print-on-demand sites like CreateSpace, and how to publish your books on different eBook stores.

                I also teach you how to register and run your blog without spending a fortune, build email lists of subscribers, and sell more books.

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                Who Am I?

                Well, I'm no Einstein nor Newton. In fact, I'm not who you think.

                My name is Abraham Adekunle, and I live in a Lagos suburb in Nigeria. English is my second language but it's like oxygen to me.

                And what's more? I'm eighteen as at this time of writing (June 2016.) Too young to be a writer, huh?

                I have self-published three books and I know how hard and complicated it is.

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